Seline is located between Stari Grad and Rovanjska, along the coast of the Velebit Channel (near Mala Paklenica canyon), with a beautiful long pebble beach and crystal clear waters. Seline is extremely well connected with many tourist destination in Croatia, because it is near the airport Resnik, highway and port of Zadar.
This is particularly interesting because it combines mountain and sea: the slopes of Velebit and Paklenica National Park are a challenge for speleologists, alpinists, botanists and hikers, and lovers of the sea inspires long pebble beach shaded by tamarisk trees and clear blue sea.

As the economy based on agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, rich offer of wholesome foods, oils, cheese, honey, fish and seafood. Zadar County are very close to national parks, Krka, Plitvice Lakes, Kornati and Paklenica.

Paklenica National Park is close at hand, and besides the natural beauty it is possible to visit the native villages at the foot of Velebit, dumbbell, Jukic, Jurline, which have preserved their traditional culture and hospitality, where you definitely have to try dried figs and local brandy from the local population.

The coast of Zadar County is extremely well-laid out with many inhabited and uninhabited islands suitable for a peaceful holiday.

There are Pasman, Long Island, Ugljan, Ist, Silba, Pag. Numerous bays where there are rocky and sandy beaches are characterized by crystal clear waters. Seline will be for guests who enjoy riding a bike to recommend 39 km long cycling track around Lake Vrana.

In Seline we offer you a relaxing family vacation without the noise and tension in the environment symbiosis of sea and mountains. Although we offer a peaceful vacation, if your adventurous spirit at your disposal more than 40 km bike – mountain bike – trail, a large number of world famous climbing routes of varying difficulty, miles of groomed mountain trails.